Asterisk JP Aget and Monotone Sound and Energy Weapons: http://www.SatelliteWeapon.com Man Machine Gateway keyboard voice video, MTC – matrix, Backbone wideband satellite transmitting, Terrestrial earth station, FUI – BLACK BADGE, *JP Aget & monotone,USPTO, Deep space network, wideband Ethernet.

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My Continuous Water Syphon.

My Continuous water Syphon.

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1 & 0

One’s And Zero’s 10011001 Packet Filtering Packet Analytics Network Forensic Search Analytics Network Forensic Search 100101001110011001001 Network Data and Services Research Department: database systems, XML technology, policy management, automated reasoning, Semantic Web, artificial intelligence, distributed systems. Network Analytics Packet Forensic Search

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Low 2Hz Sound wave ELF (Extreme Low Frequencey) Holographic Sound Principles Scalar Wave, Shockwave experimentation, Ultra-Advanced Classified Weapons, EMP, Gamma Weapons And More Aspartame and ELF.

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 Micro current

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CLOAKING – Developing the future of radar stealth technology Blackhall.net high resolution and fast ISA Doppler advanced Gimbel mounted satellite tracking

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Magnifying glass

    Magnifying glass, Light amplification, Attenuators, Oil , metal pipe in water 200 degrees. Using the heat of my magnifying glass.  Mines hotter than yours. Parabolic heating.        Solar verse Magnifying

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Wined up Cigarette lighter

    Wined up Cigarette lighter

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Double Touch Screen Laptop

  Double Touch Screen Laptop Double Screen Laptop – Touch Screens No keyboard all virtual controls ie: Keyboards, Mouse controllers and more. Flip screen for books, one large screen multiplex for movies and also plays nice head to head games like checkers or chess.  One of a kind 5-4-2009 Order while the supply lasts. We have […]

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