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Packet Filtering

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Network Data and Services Research Department: database systems, XML technology, policy management, automated reasoning, Semantic Web, artificial intelligence, distributed systems. Network Analytics Packet Forensic Search

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  1. user09/05/15 12:56

    802.1X/Wireless Authentication
    Disaster Recovery (DR)
    DNS Firewall
    DNS/DHCP Infrastructure
    IP Address Management (IPAM)
    Network Access Control (NAC)
    PortIQ™ Appliance
    Reporting for Core Network Services
    Enhanced VitalQIP
    vNIOS™ software on Cisco
    vNIOS™ software on Riverbed
    Voice Over IP (VoIP)

    persistent XSS
    C and C++
    Ruby on Rails
    CGI Perl
    and more..

  2. DATANET09/06/10 21:05

    Identify Social Network Users

    understanding consumer behavior Network Data

    RFID Chips, The Global Database & Plans For A Microchipped Population.

    sharing information,anonymized data, patterns, human behavior, identifying, complex networks, online advertising, privacy, social marketing and social networks. Gems and the pyramid.

    Control and Controled Depopulation, Color Therapy, Crystals, Pyramid Technology, Physical Body, Healing, Mases, Chemtrails, Mind Control, Chi force, Kundalini, Super Formulation, Biological Weapons, Diseases & Viruses – Global Pandemic, Planed Nuclear Event and highly classified projects.

  3. _09/06/10 21:15

    hijack cell-phone data connections
    analyzing the structure of sentences
    Tracking communications

  4. sysop09/07/06 09:55

    cell and mobile phone hidden networking. Your phone come in contact with my phone. Who have you called that I called and how often ect.. The bank got robed chances are there was a cell phone in the car or something. How may cell / mobile phone are within a two block radius. – Bring them all in for questioning. CELL PHONE CRIME STOPPER – Secret mobile phone networking and profile builder. TheBeast.gov

  5. sysop09/07/06 10:05

    Put a small little curve on a wifi router make it WEP or 1900Mhz. Give it to businesses. so now when you walk into a gas station or mall / restaurant you phone pops up and says welcome to XXXX specials menus the whole nine. The profile in your phone will run in open mode or private mode. If your in open mode it will automatically add you to a chat room like interface just because you enter the building. You can now chat with people there or send drinks over. The Ultimate social networking device and it’s just a router that operates on the cell phone band. Wildfire.

  6. TheRedNeckTechie09/09/16 12:48

    iphone GameGun App. iphone, crackberry, Sprint deal and more. Plastic gun that holds your phone.

    Turn you phone into a GameGun. Game Gun iphone app.

  7. NETWORKDATA09/10/02 17:07

    Bernie Hogan’s Facebook Social Network Data Provider and Visualization toolkit
    September 12th, 2009 by Marc Smith · No Comments
    My colleague at the Oxford Internet Institute, Bernie Hogan, is working on tools that collect personal Facebook network data and visualize the connections among your friends.

    Here is an example: http://twitpic.com/9rvfq

    It provides a good illustration of the ways a person’s social network is clumped into clusters built around life phases, workplaces, educational institutions, teams and locations. As people move through more of these stages of life during the Facebook era (and often before) they accumulate these clusters.

    Facebook or other contacts and friend management systems might want to leverage this clustering to organize the presentation of contact information streams.

    Bernie just announced on the SOCNET list that he has updated his script for downloading your Facebook network to GUESS or UCInet file formats.


    1. Its faster. (Presently orders of magnitude faster than Nexus, Touchgraph or ORA).
    2. It gives nice feedback during the download.
    3. It has less bugs!
    4. It gives you the output as a file you can right-click and save rather than copy-paste.
    5. IDs are names.”

    Bernie writes that phase two of his project is underway. You can see Bernie’s page describing phase two at the following link: http://mysocnet.oii.ox.ac.uk/fb/namegen4preview.php

    Bernie is planning a January 2010 release, and plans to demo at the Sunbelt social network analysis conference in Italy in 2010.


  8. STARTNET10/02/09 15:37

    The First 10.000 Elements

  9. STARTNET10/02/09 15:40

    Hi res (3960 faces)

  10. admin10/03/30 12:24

    GPS – Traffic Ticketing – DVR – Registration

    Your registered vehicles GPS registration will DVR your every move and if the vehicle is moving faster than the posted data mapped speed limit then you will receive a ticket in the mail.

    DVR – Your dot on the map. Run it in 10x speed see your dot over the last few days. Run it in 100x speed and see your dot move on the map over the past weeks, months and even years. Layers Map Video Overlays

    GPS – Ticketing if the vehicle is moving faster than the posted speed limit then you will receive a ticket in the mail. Insurance companies data records – Speeding how often – how far average traveled and more..

    Make the Transmission, Axel, License Plate, Registration or something a mandatory GPS.

    GPS DVR and layered overlays a winning combination. Police dash camera/map overlay sending video back to central wirelessly – Incident cams / mobile DVRs and more.

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