Energy Tile

  Energy Tile –  Energy Tile – Soft flexible tile flooring and when walked on. (like the old wined up bathroom scales ) Tile floors. When placed in heavy traffic areas like malls, stadiums, Airport are capable of producing mega watts.

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Energy Recyclers

  Energy Recyclers Solar lamp shades. Turbine Faucet nozzles. Flow control harvesters of Energy.

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water energy

  Water capture with floating storage- Float switch Weight float Energy  1″ water on 1000SQ = 6000 gal of water to run your water energy electric company.

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Lunar electric

Lunar electric  Use the moons gravitational force to move weight on a monthly scale. Moon Satellite Electricity. Lunar gravitational force driven Pull. Storing Energy Lunar batteries. High tide / Low tide Gravity energy. tidal control  – Gravity Driven Hydrodynamic Tide control

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Teeter-totter Electric

Teeter-totter Electric  koo-koo clock Electric.  works like a big koo koo clock weight driven. Folcrum Energy

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Ferro dielectrics

Ferro dielectrics

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Gyro magnetic Engineering

 Gyro magnetic Engineering Absorbers Condensers

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liquid coil

Liquid metal mercury down a funnel across the magnet. Stop moving the magnet around the coil – Move the coil around the magnet. Gravity coil

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